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Te Amo Mi Corazon! (holy shit, don't be a douche and comment)

that title is for everybody who can read. jackass or not. It's ain't a free-love kind of love, it's a one-feel. a collective love on all the human race for being so damn flawed that it makes me happy.  What leads me to this conclusion tonight? sit down, grab a glass of scotch on the rocks- or not, your choice -  and read on.

See, it's been a rather turbulent week, one where emotions of all sorts attacked me full force, rather a very fulfilling week, full of mysteries, crackheads, love, friendship, drinking, hilarities, boredom, excitement, long lost friends reuniting, long time friendships goin on hiatus(i suspect, things still need to be cleared up) jaded folk, hopeful folk, crazy folk, annoying folk, kickass moments, horrible moments, Montezuma's Revenge, new friendships, Pizza,  sweat, blood, toil, bus rides, crackheads without pants, and just hanging out with fuckin awesome people. the crappy people had their share too. but come now, we go off the list and venture past our normal crap of the mind and ride that magical pheonicorn to the world fair.

i had an amazing time tonight, getting lost in an insanely tribal atmosphere with animal collective that bled off this intense chi to everybody around, so good that i for one didn't think about the shit of everything that i continuously endure, and realized that the shit i endure? it's complete bullshit. too short of a life for it. look, i know i say i endure shit, but people out there, they probably have ever worst shit on their plate then i do, and if they handle that amazingly, then kudos to them. i shouldn't judge people for saying they have lighter shit on their plate and you shouldn't either, i mean Jesus, we all have different perspectives on just about everything, we're a uniquely collective creation unto the earth, so unique on self that no one person is the exact same, giving you the space for appreciation, or in a good amount of cases, loathing. But in the end, we're all in this together. Lost you yet? lets try to see if i can get you to understand.

When i was heading home, my mood was almost led asunder by what i can only interpret as gossip, i really don't give a shit for gossip, so like anybody who wanted to actually start some in my favor of what happened on sunday, just...Don't. like seriously, be a bigger person than that, cuz it's all about perception. It started with a conversation about relationships, and a continuous debate on relationships that some may think compare, that others find little comparison at all. Vague? lets put it in a layman's terms then:

A and B discuss C and D
E is listening, and doesn't understand relationship between B and C
A and B compare relationship of B and C to E and F
E finds no comparison, citing different types of relationships
A and B Generalize
E finds it difficult to Generalize Relationships as such, but gains a better understanding on perception
E realizes he cant win it all, but commends A and B for trying to clarify
G ate 20 donuts and cried the night away.

Ok, now that we put that there,let's speak about the human condition, as it is for this stage of life. We may continue to act upon our personalities as if they truly portray us, but this is folly. We have already completed a basic goal of necessities, so we have added a complexity to our lives that we could totally do without. do we wish too? i wouldn't know, it's all our independent choice, isn't it? one of these complexities is how we pass our time. this encircles a lot of things, what friends we hang out with, if we want to be sediment life or not, what foods we eat, our daily activities, on and on. But for now, as it pertains to me, i'll just discuss friends. another layman way of looking at it is shown below:

Most of us realize our mortality, we shall all one day die
We have choices, bountiful choices of what other kind of people we interact with
Now then,  a common choice is that we go by our peers, people who are in almost the same situation we are
We do this for a single commonality
The more we do this for a single commonality, the more we interact, and have more things in common.
Here is the fork in the road ~ after gaining shitloads of things in common, we are given a choice - do we continue with this one person, or divide it upon many, or do we do both( kudos if you do!)
and we live with our choice, happy and content. PSYCHE!

See, we're not fucking perfect. no dude, every single one of us is flawed to the fucking bone. in this case, nobody has any right to act superior to anybody else. It doesn't work this way though, because we are flawed, and thus some feel they are superior to other flawed people. Why is this? because some strive for their own perception of Perfection, while others realize how debasing such a route can take you.  All of this is based on perception. Like what some people consider beautiful, others think it's rather shitty.  it all matters on how you handle the situation on both sides. as shown below, to clarify once again:

Situation 1
B wishes to get object
W insults B for what they consider shitty choice
B retorts, but doesn't get much out because W changes topic to his liking
B is angry but silent, because he gets that some people are shitty, wont change.
Silence is mistaken for weakness instead of realization. All of the Alphabet burns B at stake for being a pussy. a pussy who secretly knew too much.
W continues to eliminate the rest of the alphabet with this strategy, ignoring it's own flaws.

situation 2
J lives in an orphanage. he cries a lot. he never knew his own parents. Later on, he will fight a grizzly bear. Te amo J.

Situation 3
X feels superiority to a lot of other letters, feigns humbleness to hide ego
L wishes to do his own thing
X sees this, and wishes for complete dominance. He rallies others around him.
L sees C, U, N, and T have come behind X to rally L into ultimatum: Join or be humiliated.
L decides not to join. His consequence is sheer idiocy as others feign superiority, citing their accomplishments
L learns moral of the story: to be the odd man out is to walk alone.

Situation 4
M has started a viking horde with W, H, O, R, and lower-case e. lower-case e dies in a fire. his last words are "Stay gold O... Stay gold."

in the end, people will either choose to change or not. if for the better, a harder road lies ahead of them. if for the worse, it'll be a slide. if you don't feel the need to change, look at your plateau. look at your past, and at the present. if you see hypocrisy, if you see pain, and only heartbreak, then you must change.

Lastly, for all the advice in the world, there is no better than one's friends. but even though you may trust what they say, it may not always be right. it may be biased. be keen and walk in another's shoes with yours still on. if they become upset that you don't follow your advice fully, then fuck it, beat the shit out of them and make sure they know that your you, the situation is always gonna be different in another's eyes. grow some fucking balls and figure what life is about with minimal help. it makes things more fulfilling.

this all came to me while i was showering. I love you guys, seriously.

hey melissa, my entry is bigger than yours. HA! SUCK IT!

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