saint_ori (saint_ori) wrote,

A cry to that invisible stalker.

I'm seriously beginning to egotistically think that somebody is building a shrine to me~a-la-Hey Arnold. It might just be me being pigheaded, but i really cant explain why about 80% of my favorite clothing go missing. Like that american eagles trapper hat? if anyody has it, dont be a fucking douche, i have enough friends who are fucking douches. i want my hat back. it's autumn, i wanna pretend we have seasons down here.

Not only that, but i had a shirt that aimee gave to me that i was very fond of. It was that yellow one with the robot with a pet human. i need to find that also. It went great with my jacket. Thats also missing. That once again, i was very fond of. suffice it to say, i like winter clothing. i wanna experience the cold again. it makes me unsleepy.

And i lied. My phone wasn't crushed, but disappeared under completely mysterious circumstances.

Now my Jimi Hendrix and Space ghost shirts are missing. Seriously Stalker, iIm not very materialistic, i like what i wear. stop taking em. or give em back. Winter is coming in two months. i give you then to gimme back my clothes. and my phone.
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