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you know, a couple of months ago, a very dear and "misguided" friend of mine said he wanted to change his ways, be nicer to people (you all know who this is) all that shit~ and from a couple of sources already, i hear shit like "pfft, as if that's gonna happen." but fuckin A man, you guys cant expect change to come overnight, that's just stupid. he told me he's thinking of making his new year's resolution to be more humble and modest~

Now, i wanna help him be more humble and modest, but seriously, i don't know if me + the valley + 2008 correlate enough, cuz i still have so much that i need to learn out there~

what jairo of the past had done was look at the ladder
What jairo of the near-present had done was begin the climb
What jairo of the now knows, is that the ladder doesn't go up or down but rather into this massive body of water
with the knowledge i have now, there is only one option but to keep grabbing to the next rung with all the faith i have~

i'm gonna buy the fountain today~

the idea of enlightment is not some distant vessel that'll take back to the first primordial force, but the idea of the first primodial force striving anfd living in every single thing ever created~ nirvana is the here and now - to rest in the present with no regrets of the past or no fears of the future, because what we've done in the past is what brought us to the people we are now~

And the people who we are now can make the decisions that'll affect us in the future~
~mindfulness is nothing more than seeing how every choice or change you make doesn't resonate only to those around you, but in every single molecule that strives and and lives now, because time is no more than a concept to help some people better cope!

i know what i say must sound insane, but i need to repat these things until i sear this into my mind more thanany other teaching.
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