saint_ori (saint_ori) wrote,

Happiness is a Warm Gun (V2);The lightness of being

now stop. take in the ohm. how many people here have actually just taken the time to sit and watch life be? who here has answered the secrets that the divine river can dispel, and actually enacted the change?

What do you call yourself when your words and a sun-room changes the lives of so many people that in such great awe, you fall to your knees, mouth agape, at the awesome beauty of the golden eternity?

Whatever it was, perhaps it was the time.....oh how it had to have been the had to be the greatest bond that friendship can offer, even without directly correlating with one another.

if in a short list, i turned junkies into saints, viewed the awesome power of language.

The thing is, you can continue to read all the fucking books, you can continue to shower your life with those small vices that make you who you are, and etc etc but..... When will you just give a rest and just stop to listen to Nature's perfect sound?

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