saint_ori (saint_ori) wrote,

When vows become truth

i'm entering this need now, this fucking urge to satiate the thirst in the human spirit; not afraid anymore, found not in me, but in a true Boddhisattva the words that i needed to continue.

I don't know if you want to help me....but i would gladly appreciate help. Because you can be ignorant and do what you'd like and give less of a shit about the people around you,  but your time is coming to an end.

ok, now that i got that reinvigoration that i so needed, i'm going to go onwards. If you don't agree with the PRS, then stay the fuck out of my way.

"i know this is tought to ask, but what's your response about emails being sent to the university from delagates in your home country who don't want you to speak tonight?"

"Because the words that i speak are true. before the conflict, i had said no. During the conflict i had said no. After the conflict, i would say no to guns. sometimes in heated arguement, i'd beat around the bush, but i would still say no."

Is it worth something going to jail for?

what do you think?
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