saint_ori (saint_ori) wrote,

I'm gonna do away with my politeness

Melissa. SHUT UP! I'll give you a good reason to do so also.

About five days to a week ago, a friend of mine, aussie named David Quinn or something, sent a report that was very critical of the psychology of men and women called WOMAN. in this report of his, he went on to say that while men are bound to go one step beyond because they feel the need to break down barriers, human evolution stuck woman in the role of care-giver, with total flightiness cuz they live moment to moment. i never see much of that in anybody's entries CEPT FOR YOURRSSSSS. seriously, chill and prove him wrong. Evolve ifrom being a woman of flaky life and put some hard-core depth into your life before it goes tumbling down a slippery slope(and trust me, we ALL have to have slippery slopes, otherwise it just wouldn't be life!) because living moment to moment is batshit crazy and thats most definitely what your bustin' out. so learn to chill., for your sake alone. (don't do it cuz i'm bustin' out half-truths)

lately somebody told me i assume too much, that all i ever do is assume. I guess it could be thought up as such. I call it faith. unwavering faith that somebody will be willing to let another person go. And i'm not saying like, "ok, this guys a douche, out of sight, out of mind." i'm talkin' bout "You love em, you let them go." and take in all you can with that person before they leave.

So far, out of everybody i know, only three people get this. i may assume, but i always do it so that whatever i assume is only what could be considered best. And if some problem rears it's head at me, i'm not going to get tactical on how to approach it, i'm gonna bring the whole stew to the table, slamming it down so that it's painfully obvious what has to be done.


Correct me if i'm wrong, but i'm not. i'm just tired of all this generalities.
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