saint_ori (saint_ori) wrote,

from that lil bulletin of mine

you know those people who say "____, this is the real world, it's about time for you to drop the dreams and start living."

i find those people pitiful, to think life ought to be lived that way. i see no joy coming out of dropping everything so you can enter the rat race, stress yourself out to the limit and just take it out on any single person who does one minute mistake.

no thank you, i'm not gonna put myself in a rat race like that. competitive as life is, it isn't really survival of the fittest, and i really don't give a shit about coming up on top. i'm good wherever i go, as long as it's forward. 

somebody though, a couple of months ago recommended something that i am starting to find really fucking interesting, and she ought to already know how much a part of my life she is.

  even though the work i'm looking inot can fill the rest of my life, i wouldn't change it for anything else, because this shit is actually interesting to my tastes, and i should thank not just her but lil pattie for kinda making conversations pretty sweet about the literary world.  maybe i look into things too much, but i'm very content to know the people i know in that whole lively affair.

in the end, i find books to be very much alive, my portal to deeper fabrications of my existence, and yours too. things never seem solid though, and that's ok.  but thankfully, a few individuals who already know about the power of the actual true secret, and not the secret that they merchandise as "The Secret" spoiler alert: It's the law of attraction. and a badly edited movie.

the only real secret in life is to be like the river. remain fluid and keep moving forward.

maybe sometime in the near future, i'll profess a desire to tell you guys the shit i'm taking in. who knows, i always found myself to like being in that position.

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