saint_ori (saint_ori) wrote,

From the past to the future, limits are endless

 even though the scenery and the foliage is awe-inspiring up here, i haven't met any people outside my buddhism arts class that are as passionate about freedom as i've met in Texas.

maybe it's because i'm finally coming down from the ecstatic heights of finding truth and finding "real world" inhabitants, but there are only those here that seek to benefit themselves.

(once again, outside of my buddhism arts classes)

i've been given advice on how to be a "better" more competitive human being, and right then and there i could see the empty porcelian of those thoughts. things that were a artificially modern paradigm.

people up here, (besides the french adn the nonstereotypical italians) seem to only want to make it for themselves, and secretly, beneath many layers that i'll never show to them, it apalls the hell out of me.

maybe it isn't up here. maybe it's just the way i see the human condition. and after finally coming to terms down there that there isn't anything wrong with me, i'm being bombarded with the shallow attempts to "wake up to the real world" when all i see coming from it is suffering on an individual and mass scale.

this isn't the condition in which humanity ought to be, even though great creativity flows through it, it's rather...the anti-condition, the one that i suspect alot of people are fighting against.

perhaps someday, when the icebergs have melted and the poles have shifted, perhaps someday, when our ignorance and pride finally catch up to us, perhaps someday, when we'll finally take heed to our inner calling, perhaps then...

we'll have a fighting chance.

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