saint_ori (saint_ori) wrote,

Thou Art That

~confidence my friend, we will reach the end together~

i dunno. i think i just met a horrible human being. like the first second i laid eyes on her, i saw the malice and the loathing that she had for everyone. the worst kind of spoiled little brat. and i felt the most extreme sort of pity for her. i hate to pity people, but i can't see her being fully happy in life later on, not unless she did a 180. people like that seldomly do. i wish i could say i saw myself in her,  but she was completely alien to me. but maybe i'm the alien. thou art that.

thou art that. it's the first step i know(how many steps has this journey gone now? do i dare look back and see? do i dare find out if it's been 1,00 steps or nary one) to a fuller life. it's been passed through the ages from centuries ago to end up here on my plate, waiting for my mind to dine.

i'm glad to be where i'm at. i'm glad to know that i'm fulfilling promises to myself.  life is easy. dull, but easy. watch when i break into the complicated bits. that'll be insaaane.

i knew 2008 to be a hard year from the get go. it had to be. to make this year better. i won't find all the answers i'd like, but i don't think anyone completes that. we forever go on searching, and we won't find peace until we learn to see ourselves for who we truly are.

2009, i'm gonna make sweet love to you. and then i'm gonna splatter that love all over your face. bukakke 2009, do you know it?

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