saint_ori (saint_ori) wrote,

i went outside to smoke a cigarette right now.... and like, the only thing my balcony faces is a wall. so i stood up on my bar stool, put on the amelie soudtrack, imagined a live orchestra in front of me and began to conduct them.

i got so into my conducting, i didn't realize my neighbor was watching me with a smile.

i felt beautiful at that moment. i felt alive, with every breath resonating within me. i felt the wind on my skin, the clouds breaking to make the stars my audience, and the world move with me.

i believe that nobody should hide from life as i did in the past year. 

it's just so much to take in, that i need to do what makes me happy. content. if she's in the picture, fine. if she isn't........fine. i won't break the fluidity.
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