saint_ori (saint_ori) wrote,

"I had this dream before"

it begins with a night of celestial explosions. everybody is in a building where we can see it. sometimes it's as if there are multiple supernovas happening right above our heads as different bolts of light shoot across the night sky. eveybody is in awe and that awe serves well to hide away any impending sense of doom. I think the only time i was scared was when i first dreamed it.

Then as the dawn comes, the usual supporting cast of people come along. me, my sister, her boyfriend, couple of people from high school, and two people older than us, maybe others. this time i didn't look to see. ah, this time there were three people who turned out to be cops.

After that night, everybody is still in the gym or wherever we are. then it happens. the feeling of something other watching us. i quickly pull up the shades of the window to see a disk shaped object hovering off the ground, watching the gym intently. it jerks a lil when it realizes i see it but gains it's composure quikly. that's when i remember. i've dreamt this all before. this time, i'm not going to die.

i tell everybody to come look, that something is out there, but at first only a few beleive me and see. the rest stay back from the windows, but it becomes evidently hard to do so as more ships seem to come around. then the screams begin. then the panic sets in. then the rush of going back to their homes. not me, not this time.

I grab aimee and tell her to wait for me at the end of the hall, go to a lockeroom and begin grabbing various things. if it's like the dreams beforehand, the buildings on the opposite end of the school are coming to life and killing anything in it's path, so this time, i'm going the other way. before the oil comes.

the oil is the biggest component in this. the first time i dreamt this, i made it into the city, only to become trapped in this oil that seemed to have a semblance of sentience and found myself drowning. second time, i stayed at the school and was cornered in a classroom by it. this time, i was heading out back, to the hills, to find refuge in the high lands.

After the group got totgether, we rush to the back of the school and begin to climb the fence. i hear a splash in the pool. somebody fell in, so we do our best to help him out. the oil is coming, and we see it begin to get in the pool. A man jumps in and sacrifices himself so we can save the other. we climb the fence, and we run. we run for our lives. the oil behind us, the school behind us. we can hear the screams at first. then it all becomes eerily silent. i yell at everybody to not look back, just keep running.

Then i wake up.
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